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SECRET OF ANGKOR 5 days 4 nights from 18 Aug 2014 – 22 Aug 2014

Dear Thu,
Thank you very much for the perfect organisation of our holidays. Everything was very well organised and our guide Tola was always very helpful and great support. We could not had have any better guide. We will use your services again in the near future.
Many thanks
Joaquín from SPAIN

TRULY VIETNAM & CAMBODIA 15 days/ 14 nights from 6 Aug 2014 – 21 Aug 2014
Dear Thu,
Thank you so much for your e-mail. We arrived well to Lisbon - the flights were smooth and this time we received our luggage!:)
Please feel free to send the content of the e-mail below to your superiors:
Dear Sirs,
I am writing to you in order to give you some feedback of the trip I have done with my Father between 6 August and 20 August 2014 through Vietnam and Cambodia.
Fist of all, I would like to tell you the reasons why we chose your Agency when planning the trip.
- Firstly, I would like to mention the excellency of the work performed my Ms. Thu Dau, who since my very first e-mail sent us an extremely detailed proposal of programme, with links to the hotels, overall price of the trip and explanation of the daily activities. Her readiness in giving me prompt replies and patience with my hundreds of questions were very important in order for me to make up my mind and choose your company. Also, I have to say, the simple fact that the programme had her nice photo included, gave me a lot of trust, as I had the feeling I knew the person with whom I was planning the trip. Taking into account that we are Portuguese and live in the other side of the world, to receive such a competent treatment was of course a sign that the Agency was trustful and that it was the best option to take. Again, I personally thank Ms. Thu Dau for her brilliant working performance, readiness to help us with our questions and constant availability. These facts led to our choice in choosing the company.
Moreover, I have to say it was a real pleasure to meet Ms. Thu Dau in person in Hanoi.Her availability to meet us already late in the afternoon, the way she welcomed us in Vietnam and her kindness and highly competent skills were delightful to us;
- on the other hand the Google search is quite good in advertising your company. As soon as I typed "local travel agent Cambodia", you Agency showed up;
- the comments of former clients were also quit useful. They reassured me about the quality of the services.
Regarding the trip we have the following comments:
- The trip was extremely well organised. We had time to rest every day (which was one of my main concerns, as my Father has already a certain age and needed a soft programme) but at the same time we visited all the spots we were interested at;
- All the guides were super helpful and they told us a lot about the history, way of life, culture of Vietnam and Cambodia. They were very professional and willing to attend our requests. They were also always on time, which is something that we highly appreciate;
- The drivers were also very professional. They really knew how to drive along busy cities/roads. They were also always on time, which is very positive. Their working attitude was very professional;
- The chosen hotels were excellent.
In Saigon, maybe we would have preferred to stay in the area of the good hotels/main shopping street, but our hotel had a great bar on the roof with a great view to the city, so this has quite positive as well. We also believe that the other area is probably quite expensive.
In Siem Rep the hotel is very good (maybe just a bit old fashioned). But the swimming pool was amazing!
In Hoi An, as it was a 5 star hotel, we were just a bit surprised that there was no air-conditioning in the reception or in the bar. But the swimming pools were fantastic!!!
The hotel in Pnom Pehn was one of our preferred ones!
Regarding suggestions, we would refer the following:
- the cruise in Halong Bay was wonderful!! It is for a reason that Halong Bay is UNESCO patrimony. The only thing with which we were a bit surprised and sad was to see that the water is very polluted (this includes plastic bags or bottles thrown into the water, among other things). Maybe an awareness raising campaign should be deployed by the authorities, so that tourists preserve nature. Moreover, authorities should as well deploy means to keep the waters clean. Nature is a common heritage and needs to be preserved... In this case, maybe the Travel Agency could skip the beach part of the tour, as the water is very polluted. Or at least, tourists could be told that the water is not very good to swim;
- In Siem Rep, personally I would skip the boat tour (even though my Father appreciated to go). To me it was a bit sad to see the living conditions of those poor people.. I think it would have been nicer to see a bit more the country side somewhere else;
- In case the boats have good conditions and are safe, maybe it would have been nice (if time would allow) to go by boat from Pnom Pehn to Siem Rep instead of by plane - this only in case the view is nice, of course;
Overall, we had a wonderful time! We were super happy with the trip! We think we have visited the most important spots, found out about the Vietnamese and Cambodian culture and history and had time to enjoy speaking to the welcoming local people. This is a trip that we will stay in our hearts.
We are also very happy with the work performed by the Travel Agency. We will definitely recommend it to our friends here in Europe. And we look forward to organise with Ms. Thu Dau our future trip to Myanmar and Laos!
I also would finally like to present my regards to the Agency and thank it for the way it welcomed us in Vietnam and Cambodia and for always trying to take our requests into account. We really appreciated it!
With our best regards,
Marta Machado
Nuno Machado
Dear Thu,
In case you need something else (like a former letter to the Agency) or anything else, please just let me know! It will be my pleasure to be able to help you somehow!
Again thank you for everything! It was lovely to meet you at Hanoi and finally having the chance to speak to you!!
I look forward to stay in touch with you!
All the best,
PS - As soon as I have a moment to download the pictures, I will send you our nice picture!:) from Portugal.

Essential Cambodia 5 days/ 4 nights from 30 July to 3 August 2014
My group had an amazing stay during their vacation to Cambodia. it was wonderfully arranged and packaged by Ms. Duong Nguyen. we are looking forward to send more group there in the near future.
Khishean Raaj from Malaysia

SECRETS OF ANGKOR 5 days/ 4 nights from 12 JULY 2014 – 16 July 2014
Dear Thu Dau!
Thank you very much for your welcome home letter!
We did enjoy our trip indeed. It was very interesting and complete itinerary and we had a great experience. The guide and the driver were helpful and friendly. We are very satisfied with your services!
Thank you very much again for all your help!
Best regards,
Alla from Russia

From Angkor Wat to Countryside from 27 June to 3 July 2014
Can’t thank you enough
The most amazing holiday
* Excellent travel arrangements
* Perfect Hotels
* The most amazing travel guide in Narrim - please pass this on
* A truly stunning holiday
Thank YOU - so much too
Please be very much assured that you, your company and beautiful Cambodia has already and will continue to be highly, highly recommended by myself
Emma from Great Britain

Cambodia and Vietnam Discovery 15 days from 26 May 2014 to 09 Jun 2014
Hello Lap,
We have now arrived back home in Queensland Australia , after our visit to Vietnam & Cambodia.
Many Thanks for your organisation of our itinerary , we had a wonderful time & will return again another time , to visit other areas.
We will have no hesitation to recommend you & Travel Cambodia to others wishing to visit.
Thanks again
Ian & Jane Haslock from Australia

Cambodia and Vietnam Discovery 16 days from 10 May 2014 to 25 May 2014
Hello Mr Nguyen
I am writing to thank you for the excellent holiday we had in Cambodia & Vietnam.
It was very well organised, we had no problems at all. The itinerary was perfect, highly recommended. All the guides and drivers were good. The hotels that you had chosen were all good and clean. I will recommend you to my friends and family who may wish to visit Cambodia & Vietnam.
Please let me know if you have any special offers in the future.
Mrs Patel from England

Inside Cambodia (7 Apr – 18 Apr 2014)

Hello Hue
We have been back for a week now but the memories of our trip to Cambodia will stay with us both for a long time. Just today we shared our photos with my parents who are both in their eighties and unable to travel any more. They marvelled at the beauty of the culture and were able to “walk in our shoes” as we told them of our experiences and memories. It is a constant source of wonder to me that a people with so little ,in comparison to our privileged Western lives, can smile so constantly and be so brave in the face of difficulty. The tortured past of Cambodia is so recent but yet you can’t help but feel hopeful that this current generation will finally be able to live in peace and find the stability they so richly deserve. The images from the Killing Field and Tuong Sleng prison should be a warning to all and I will certainly take every opportunity to share my experiences of both to my friends, family and students. As the banners said so well, it is only through knowledge that we can stop the horror from ever happening again. To us, the attached picture of this delightful little girl who we met with her family after they had just been to the lotus field on the road from Tonle Sap lake, says it all.
Every aspect of the tour you organised for us was wonderful. Both hotels, White Mansion in Phnom Penh and Victoria Angkor in Siem Reap were amazing and more than fulfilled our expectations. The friendliness of the staff in White Mansion was a standout. Nothing was too much trouble and they helped us enormously when we had trouble with Jetstar Asia over our bags and later when my phone was stolen by a motorcycle thief while we were riding in a local tuk-tuk. One of their front office staff (Viroth??) accompanied us to the police and the owner Gilles constantly checked to see that all was well. We will be able to claim on our travel insurance for the phone and that certainly wouldn’t have been possible without their dealings with the Cambodian police. That was certainly an experience to remember! We felt like part of their family for a short time - perhaps the dog Marcelle helped! I can see why this hotel is consistently a winner on Trip Advisor – it’s a place well deserved. As Gilles said, they all enjoy coming to work each day and it showed.
At the Victoria we were upgraded to a suite, just as we were on the boat on Halong Bay on our last trip with you. Maybe you had something to do with it! The hotel was a great oasis to retreat to after the heat on our travels and the breakfasts were amazing. We don’t usually eat in hotels on our trips except for breakfast, but found ourselves in the restaurant in both of ours this time. The facilities at Victoria are superb and I had the most blissful 3 hours of pampering in their spa that I have ever experienced. Their French restaurant is supposed to be the best in Siem Reap and we had a memorable dinner there which equalled the meal we had at the Tour D’Argent in Paris last year. We would certainly like to experience their other hotels throughout Asia on our next trip.
Our guides and drivers were all efficient, punctual and professional, especially Mr Khean in Siem Reap who drove us so carefully through all those traffic jams because of Khmer New Year. Mr Narith in Phnom Penh had a wealth of knowledge and spoke excellent English and we learnt lots from him. Mr Narin in Siem Reap willingly shared details of his family and life with us and his obvious love of his country shone through. I admire him enormously for his tenacity and determination to learn English so well after a high school level of education. His command of the language was excellent and easily matched some of the university educated Khmers we met on our travels. He was simply delightful and looked after me with the utmost care as I managed to navigate so many of those temple steps with one bad leg. I couldn’t have done it without his steadying hand which was always there to help.
So Hue…you’ve done it again! We will always use you as our travel agent when we visit Asia as we have absolute confidence that you will organise everything perfectly and give us just the sort of holiday that suits us. Hopefully we will return to Hanoi sometime in the future and would love to see you again so we can thank you in person.
Regards, best wishes and thanks for the memories.
Carol and Neville from Australia

Siem Reap Adventure 5 days from 11 Mar to 15 Mar 2014
Hi Duong,
Thank you for asking. Thank you for everything ms. Duong nguyen:) i really loved the trip. I got the things i asked for. Mr. Mony is so awesome, very friendly, accommodating & what we love most is his photography skills. We definitely would book him again. Thank you for catering my needs & nonstop emails & updates to me. I will book under your name again, will definitely recommend to others. Remain approachable & replying faster (emails/ questions). Awesome agency!
Thank you so much! I’m happy J
Jane from Philippine,

Angkor's secrets 3 days/ 2 nights from 23 Mar to 25 Mar 2014
Hi Duong Nguyen,
Our guide, Mr Tola has done a great job, totally meeting our expectations. His knowledge and photography skills were amazing. We were really impressed with him being equipped with his note pad, showing the old pictures of the areas we were visiting and even making us walk through the history. Moreover, many thanks to him for making us stay away from the crowds and enjoy the scenery more. He was very polite and highly patient with our demands. We always felt lucky about having him as our tour guide. Please let him know of the great credit from all of us! Our driver was very nice and polite as well. His vehicle was clean. We only needed a little better air conditioning after sweating so much under the sun... The hotel was very nice. I guess the pool operating hours could have been extended to 10 pm. Also, since Cambodia receives many tourists from the USA and Europe, I believe cheese should be served in the hotels. Customized tour option (according to our travel plans) was the reason we contacted your company. Fast responses was another point that counted as it helped us plan quickly and easily.
Thanks to Ms Duong Nguyen for her patience with our requests and endless questions.
Siem Reap has been a great experience with her help and Mr Tola.
Beyza GUVENC from Italy

Highlights of Cambodia and Laos 15 days. From 23rd Feb until 9th March 2014.
Dear Ms Mary D,
Had a very good flight back although in Cambodia we had tore apply for a visa due to changment of carrier.Since we had to make a new check-in at Phnom Phenh and had to collect our luggage. It was a bit annoying to have to make a visa for the short interval there, however all went well. Thank God!!!
Thank you so much for taking care of us during our Cambodia and Laos trip. We enjoyed our stay in These countries very much. Laos was very Special in many ways and all of us agreed that we made a very memorable trip.
Our best wishes and regards to all those who have made our trip so very pleasant..
Mariam & HR Zollinger from Switzerland

Angkor’s Secrets 3 days from 16th March to 18th March 2014
Dear Ms. Duong Nguyen,
It was really nice and we are very happy with all your arrangements, the guide and driver too.
I will certainly contact you for Laos & Myanmar, the two other countries that I haven't visited yet.
Your recommendations on best time of the year and best places to visit would be appreciated.
Kind regards,
Eliseo from Spain

Legend of Mekong 10 days from 25 Feb 2014 to 6 Mar 2014
Hi Lap Nguyen
- Wonderful trip!! All was more then expected, and I have passed along my recommendations to use your services to all of my friends. Your staff, guides, drivers, etc. were great and I can only say I was as happy as I could possibly be with this tour. I may not go back to Vietnam or Cambodia, but any tours I take in this region will most certainly be with your company.
Thanks again
Mr. Kenneth Harold Elder from Canada

Cambodia Uncovered 8 days/ 7 nights (from 30 Jan 2014 to 6 Feb 2014).
Dear Ms. Duong Nguyen,
Very good support and service from all parties involved. Only suggestion for improvement is to keep the quality and service of the hotels on comparable level. As we asked and paid for high-star rated hotels, we would be completely satisfied if all hotels would have fulfilled these requirements. Hotels in Phnom Pen (Blue Lime) was good and the Hotel in Siem Reap was excellent (Angkor Paradise Hotel). But the quality of the hotel in Kep (Saravoan Hotel) dropped significantly, compared especially to the Angkor Paradise Hotel. No doubt, in all the hotel was acceptable because of the location with great sea-view. But room-cleanness, breakfast and service wasn't comparable to the other two hotels. Worth to mention the good support from the hotel management after complaining room cleanness, etc. But no doubt, a fantastic trip, worth spend time and we felt always safe. The guides and drivers took always care about us and made our trip to a great experience. Also the support from our travel consultant was on excellent level, THANKS. We are considering to do later another tour, to Vietnam, and your company will be, based on our very good experience with the Cambodia trip, one of our top choices.
Horst from Germany

Cambodia Discovery 12 days from 25 Jan to 6 Feb 2014
Hi Ms. Duong
How are you? I fine. I always remember My journey in Cambodia as the best tour ever done.
As you have seen on Facebook, I published my Pictures on:
If you need some of these pictures, ask to me!
Thanks again for your help!
Sergio Ferraiolo from Italy

TRULY CAMBODIA & VIETNAM 22 days/ 21 nights from 6 Jan 2014 – 27 Jan 2014
Dear Thu Dau,
First of all, i wish to thank you very much for the travel you had planned for our group i Cambodia and Vietnam together with Yan Arskog.
All from our group is just up in the sky for what they have explored.
Still 2 from the group is walking around Sapa and Dien Bien Phu, and their experience is just fantastic.
Your people is so friendly and generous to them and every is very open, and as they wrote in their last mail, the New Year, was just fantastic.
So more than 6 star to you and your team.
Well i would like to hear what you can do in Myanmar, not that we are going to Myanmar these year, but our group asked us where to go next time.
These will be in the end of 2015 or beginning of2016.
But we should like to have an idea about what to see, how long time we should estimate etc.
The 1st of marc we go to Singapore, as when we came home there was an invitation to visit a friend working for the Lego Toy company and she was settled up in Singapore last year and these year, and if we should do it,. it should be now.
Later these year, our way goes to California to celebrate a 50 years birthday as we many years ago had an American student by us in a whole year, and she now has 50 years birthday. That is 25 years ago.
I look forward to hear from you.
Best regards
Lars Lund
The big group leader from Denmark

ANGKOR WAT & NORTH VIETNAM 9 days/ 8 nights from 11 Jan 2014 – 19 Jan 2014
Dear Ms. Thu,
Thanks for the welcome home. I had a great trip and will definitely recommend Travel Cambodia to my friends. No complaints. All the tour guides were excellent and very knowledgable.
I paid the balance on my American Express card, so everything should be square there.
It was a pleasure meeting you for coffee. Drop me a note from time to time letting me know how things are going.
Les Weatherford from USA

ANGKOR'S SECRET 5 days/ 4 nights from 4 Jan 2014 – 9 Jan 2014
Dear Ms Thu Dau,
meanwhile I am back in Germany and I want to say thank you again for the wonderful trip I had with you. I enjoyed my time in Siem Reap very much. My guide Bun and the driver Khean were so friendly, helpful, reliable and great in their work - they made my trip an unforgettable experience. We also had a lot of fun and I liked them a lot.
The hotel was very nice, I had a good time there as well.
Everything was like you said and I felt very welcomed. Thank you so much. What a pity that we could not meet each other....
Of course you can publish my review on your site.
Hope to see you one day....
Best regards,
Christine Gaszczyk from Germany

Angkor Explorer (from 28th Dec 2013 to 30th Dec 2013)
Dear Mr. Lap,
I want to say huge thank you for all servis you provided to my clients Lucia Skacikova and Tomas Jandera from December 28 until December 30. My clients were very happy with your service. From your travel agency everything fulfil their expectations. If I have any other client asking for places you provided I will ask you for help. Thank you very much a I wish you all the best.
Best regards
Michal Rehak from SLOVAKIA

Cambodia Around 11 days/ 10 nights (from 28 Dec 2013 to 7 Jan 2014).
Dear Ms. Duong Nguyen,
The trip was fantastic! Our driver and guide were both outstanding.
We felt very safe and comfortable with them. Tola's knowledge of Cambodia was sensational.
One suggestion that we would have is maybe not visit the waterfall n the National Park.
It was an extremely long way from the National Highway and when we got there the waterfall was the smallest it had ever been.
We enjoyed it but felt that the trip was too long to justify it.
Thanks again for a wonderful time in Cambodia.
We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and would recommend Travel Cambodia to anyone.
Karen Romer from Australia

Insight Cambodia 13 days/ 12 nights (from 1 July 2013 to 13 July 2013).
Hello Duong!
Thank you for your email :)
I had a wonderful time in your country and am looking forward to a return visit sometime soon!
Orkun thom thom!
Ashleigh from Australia

Secrets of Angkor (from 30th Dec 2013 to 03rd Jan 2014)
We did get home safely yesterday. It will take us a few days to catch up on our sleep but we will be fine. Our family had a wonderful time in Cambodia. I just wanted you to know that we appreciated all your hard work in putting the trip together and meeting our individual needs. I will be happy to recommend your company and you as an agent for the company. They are lucky to have you on staff.
If you ever find yourself coming to California, get in touch and we will be happy to meet you here. Best wishes in the new year. I am attaching a photo of our family at the palace. I am the third person from the right.
Carol from United State

Vietnam & Cambodia Holiday (from 20th Dec 2013 to 30th Dec 2013)
Dear Lap Nguyen,
Thank you for the well organised tour.
We enjoyed the tour.
We are now in China prior to returning to Australia.
Pasan Manawadu from Australia

Secrets of Angkor (from 14 Nov 2013 to 17 Nov 2013)
La guida in loco è stata ottima, vi prego di tenerla presente anche in altri tour perchè è veramente eccezionale come competenza. Per un altro tour così condensato io consiglierei anche la visita in un villaggio o in una fattoria per avere una idea generale della vita Cambogiana. comunque tutto ottimo anche se i pasti x noi Europei non sono molto variati come scelta, ma capisco le differenze e comunque non abbiamo nulla da lamentare.
Grazie from Italia

Secret of Angkor from 3rd to 7th Aug 2013
My family's experience was superb, and we very much appreciate the great support from Huong Do our travel consultant, Hak our tour driver, and "Pasquale" or tour guide. Everyone was so helpful and ensured we got the most out of our trip. Thank you so much to all of them. The only reason we will most likely not return is because we will be leaving Asia.
We found your company on

Secret of Angkor from 11th to 15th Nov 2013
Thanks for the wonderful travel! ^^ My guide(Mr. Tola) is professional else I have ever experienced The travel was one of the best I've ever been to. From now on, my role is to disseminate your travel contents ^^ Again, thank you very much!! Special thanks: Ms. Huong Do, Mr. Tola(Guide)

Secret of Angkor from 30 Oct 2013 to 2 Nov 2013
Dear Ms. Vien,
Although you must have my evaluation as required on the form I have filled in, I would like again to personally express to you my deepest appreciation and extreme satisfaction of the service you have provided us. It exceeded all our expectationa. I want to assure you that I shall recommend you to any of our friends who is planning a trip in your region. Personally, I think that I shall be travelling to the Far East in 2017. If so, I shall certainly contact you to arrange for us a visit of Vietnam.
Best regards and thanks again,
Prof. Hashmonai from Israel

Cambodia & Vietnam Discovery (from 18 Mar 2013 to 30 Mar 2013)
Dear Lap
Thank you very much for the lovely lacquer bowl set - it was a very nice surprise.
Also thank you for organising a super holiday for us and we will recommend you to any of our friends who show an interest in Cambodia and Vietnam.
All the guides and drivers were terrific and the hotels were all of a very high quality. You live in a wonderful part of the world.
I am feeling much better now, thank you for your concern.
Kind regards
Debra Taylor and Alan Tillyer from Spain

Angkor Wat & North Vietnam (from 27 June 2013 to 05 Jul 2013)
We enjoyed our trip very much and would like to thank you for the excellent arrangements. Everything was well planned and the smallest detail attended to. Our accommodation, guides and drivers were excellent. We were treated very well. We especially appreciate the visit by mr Lap Nguyen at our hotel in Hanoi on the night before we returned home.
Kind regards Salie and Marlene Joubert

INCLUSIVE INDOCHINA - 3/3/2013 – 19/03/2013
Dear Ms. Dau,
We have been very busy since we returned from our wonderful trip, but now I have a few minutes to share some of our thoughts. You planned an excellent itinerary. We feel we saw most of the major tourist attractions and still were not overly tired, since after spending time in the large cities, you had us visiting quieter towns.
We already told you when we met in Hanoi that the long travel time between Hoian and Hue and then back to Danang could have been left out or the time extended in each town. Since we spent so little time in each city, we did not really get to enjoy their charm. Another section that could have been shortened or left out was the lunch stop on the way back from Chau Doc to Saigon. We could have arrived earlier in Saigon to explore that city more.
The guides were all very nice and tried to make us comfortable. Most of them, especially the ones in Phnom Penh and Saigon did not speak English well. I don't know whether more experienced guides are available at a higher tour cost, but you should consider using them and maybe increasing the cost of the tour a little. It would be useful to have each guide introduce himself or herself, give the tourists her full name and phone number, and a map of the area they are visiting. I don't know how the number of flights could have been decreased, but we spent many hours waiting for planes at the airports.
In Hanoi and Saigon we visited the city art museums which were very interesting. You might consider offering them on future tours. Also, for your Jewish tourists, the synagogue in Yangon was quite interesting.
Thank you again for planning such a nice trip. The beautiful lacquer trays remind us of you and our travels. You should be getting e-mails from friends of ours who want to travel to Southeast Asia.
Very best wishes,
Mimi Sandler

CAMBODIA & VIETNAM DISCOVERY - 03/02/2013 – 15/02/2013
Dear Ms Thu Dau;
we write You to thank You again for the awsome trip you organized for us. We spent a very pleasant time and saw wonderful things. The services were all perfect: always on time, good hotels, good cars, good guides ( only in Phnom Penh, in the city tour in the morning, we found a little hurried one ); we felt very well with all of You and never felt worried for lack of informations ; we felt that Someone would be always helpful if necessary for us ( You even gave us a phone!!!!! by the way: we delivered it to the Hotel’s reception ).
The tour was really very good:
Siem Reap and Angkor Temples: very good Hotel, very good guide and driver, wonderful places and very good food. Please say hello to Ms Leng Ngim, in the office of Siem Reap; She and all the Guys were very kind and helpful with us;
Phnom Penh: unfortunately the event of King’s death prevented us to see the Royal Palace, but it was all right.
Mekong River trip: very good idea to go to Vietnam by River Mekong; it was very unusual for us.
Mekong Delta : Special day! The lunch was special too! Please say hello to Lucy, our guide , she was very good.
Ho Chi Minh City: We never saw such a crowded place before! The decorations with flowers and lights were absolutely amazing, Special! Very interesting the city tour and museum.
Hoi Han and Hue: very good hotel in Hoi Hanh; we cuold experience in Hoi Han the last night of Lunar Year with fireworks and a very strong shower rain that started exactly at the same time! Special!
Hanoi: very good hotel. The city tour was very good. Say hello to our guide and thank him too for the choice of restaurant, that was great.
Halong Bay: We spent a very good time. Good services on board ( the food was excellent and the cabin very “warm” ), and the landscape amazing ( even if a little bit foggy ).
So, Thank You again.
We had a very good experience in Your Country and above all we knew a very good people that from now on will take a place in our hearts.
The level of services You provided was High, above all if compared with the ones we found in other countries we visited around the world ( South America, Europe and even Italy ), and it means that Your culture of hospitality and respect of guest is very strong.
Congratulations, very good job!
We surely recommend Your Company to all friends that will ask us informations for a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia; and about us, we surely addres to You for our next trip in the Area.
As I told You by phone, if one day You will travel to Italy, don’t miss to contact us!!!!!!!!
Thank You a further time; we wish You the best things for the future.
Hope to hear and see You soon
Mauro Parma
Margherita Isacchini

ANGKOR WAT & NORTH VIETNAM - 21/12/2013 – 29/12/2013
Many thanks for your e-mail Thu. And once again, thank you for the gift that you gave us at The Silk Path hotel in Hanoi. We'll treasure it.
Yes, we had a good flight home (thank you) but unfortunately, Lauralee and I had to stay in Bangkok for two days longer than we planned because our credit cards were compromised and we had to canceled them immediately. It took two days to get them replaced and deal with the police. No problem though ... all sorted out now.
It was a great trip, and we really enjoyed the variety, the cultural diversity, and overall experience. Lauralee and I have agreed that we must go back to see South Vietnam ... first to Hoi An and then down to the sunny South. I'm confident that we will be contacting you again for this trip. Does Travel Cambodia (TC) have any comparable itinerary?
You asked for constructive feedback on our trip and we are pleased to provide it here: Firstly, let me say that we were very happy with TC's organization, communication, friendliness, and logistics. There was never a time when we had to wait for any of your associates; the four star accommodation was good, and we felt the minimal arranged dining suited us well ... allowing us to venture out and experiment with local restaurants where we found the food to be so delicious! In fact, one of the first things we did on our return was to look for an authentic Vietnamese restaurant!
We would, however, suggest that the guides that you provide are of a consistent level of knowledge about their surroundings. Our experience of your guides ranged from super-informative to a quiet companion. In addition, it would be more representative of your organization and more professional of your 'private' guides if they managed to stay off their mobile phones when working. The guides should be focused on their guests and volunteering information rather than being engaged in calls with family and friends.
Please don't misunderstand my comments here Thu -- it's just that we learned a lot from one and little from another, but personally we loved all three of our guides. We only provide this feedback so that you might consider it as improving service and perhaps the standards for your guides. We hope this helps.
I have passed on your regards and best wishes to both Lauralee and Heather ... both say, "Hello Thu" back.
Kind regards,

TRULY VIETNAM & CAMBODIA - 22/12/2012 – 6/1/2013
Dear Ms. Thu,
We want to thank you to you and your staff for the wonderful tour you have organized for us! Everything was just perfect, tour guides and drivers have been extremely kind to us, I’ve had the pleasure to meet you in person in your office and I must say once again THANK YOU for the terrific time we spent in your country and in Cambodia. I would definitely recommend you and your staff to anyone who is interested in visiting those countries. It has been a wonderful adventure and you made it all possible.
Thank you once again for the excellent service you provided. See you soon!!!
Elena & Luca
Dear Mr. Alan,
I would like to provide you with our feedback on the subject tour organized by Ms. Thu; she has been extremely nice and helpful since the very start, answering promptly to all our questions and inquiries and providing suggestions which proved to be very useful during our stay. She created the tour according to our requirements and the result has been amazing, we really enjoyed our trip, everything was well organized. Tour guides and drivers have been extremely kind to us, always ready to accomplish any requirement. Each transfer was made on time, we didn't loose a minute of our tour.
I must say thanks to Ms. Thu and all the staff involved in this tour for the great time we had during our stay in your country and Cambodia.
I would definitely recommend your travel agency to anyone interested in visiting Vietnam and Cambodia.
Thank you for the excellent service provided.
Kind regards,
Elena & Luca


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