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Highlights of Cambodia - 5 days

from $440.00/person
Travel back in time to the Golden Age of the Khmer Kingdom then experience the modern bustle of Cambodian urban life on this five-day adventure that takes you from Capital city in Phnompenh to the home of ancient Angkor temples in Siem Reap. The tour captures the essence of Cambodia and could revise to your schedule. Please contact Travel Cambodia cosnsultant for updated information and best services.

Secrets of Angkor - 5 Days

from $405.00/person
Immerse yourself in the magic and history of Cambodia’s famous Angkor temples on this five-day tour of the ancient Khmer Kingdom. With Travel Cambodia to explore ancient monuments, cruise through Tonle Sap Lake’s charming floating villages and watch the sunset behind the mystical, temple-dotted jungle.

Biking Through Angkor - 5 Days

from $442.00/person
Spice up your visit to the ancient Khmer Kingdom on a bike tour through Cambodia’s legendary temples. Exploring Angkor by bike is the best way to become immersed in the beautiful scenery and ancient history of the region.

Essential Cambodia - 6 Days

from $618.00/person
The trail from Siem Riep to Phnom Penh blend local life with the nature in a most spectacular and very unique way. From the mysteries and history that are buried in Angkor to the vibrant and elegant city of Phnom Penh, this beautiful experience gives you insight into the realm of Khmer people.

Cambodia Uncovered - 7 Days

from $728.00/person
An exploration deeper into Cambodia reveals the intriguing and rarely visited south, where you uncover the charms of the colonial port town of Kampot, and discover stretches of quiet beaches at Kep. A trip through the jungle in the darkness to unveil the majestic temples of Angkor in dawn’s first light is an experience that will stay with you forever. Stop at a local market in Dom Deak en route to remote Boeng Mealea. This journey will lay open parts of exotic Cambodia not often visited by tourists.

Cambodia In Style - 7 Days

from $625.00/person
Cambodia is the mysterious and beautiful land with thousands of Buddhist temples, gorgeous palaces, pristine white sand beaches, and enigmatic tropical rain forests. Enjoy a weeklong holiday to explore our bustling capital Phnom Penh and peaceful Siem Reap, the gate of Angkor Archaeological Park.


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