In recent years, Cambodia islands have started to get more attention from backpackers to luxury sun seekers. Luckily, these islands are still way less crowded and more affordable than Thailand’s popular and well-known neighbors. Whether you are looking for a hammock to relax upon a remoted shore, take a dip underwater among pristine coral reefs or participate in an all-night party, Cambodia offers an island to meet all tastes and budgets. From Sihanouk Ville, it’s not difficult to take boat trips to explore any one of the gorgeous islands off Cambodia’s south coast. Departing daily from Sihanouk Ville pier, there are lots of slow and speed boat options with various price points. Some island resorts include boat transfers to bring more comfortable stay for in-house guests. If you are confused about finding the best islands in Cambodia to include into your next adventure in this beautiful country, just take a look at our below suggestions. Each island has its own attractiveness and here’s everything you need to know about the top island destinations in Cambodia.
There is not only Angkor Wat but also many other attractions remaining their old charm.

A journey through Vietnam and Cambodia will uncover magical moments in places you have only dreamed of, offering you unique opportunities to explore the hidden charm of Vietnam and the mystical treasures of the Angkor Temples in Cambodia as well as immerse in the natural beauty and traditional lifestyle of the Vietnamese and Khmer people.


Did you ever see over 2 hundreds Buddha faces shining in the very first beams of Sunrise in Angkor Thom? Or deep in cool water at the waterfalls of Kulen Mountains or biking through the green rice field of Khmer countrysides Or cooking Amok with local people or relax at the beach in the south of Cambodia this Summer?

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